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About Jorge

Since 2003, Jorge Lobo has been actively involved in art direction and design projects. And for some time, illustration had been a backstage leisure activity. But not anymore.

Formally trained as graphic designer in Monterrey, Mexico, Jorge’s achievements have expanded to different fields, such as branding, editorial, advertising, interactive media and product design.

He has worked within creative agencies in US and Mexico, as Art director for nearly 10 years. He has also led freelance projects on his own, as well as collaborative works and ventures with prestigious and talented colleagues.

Some of Jorge’s featured clients —either as a freelance or as collaborative designer—, are: CALL USA, Hand & Associates, Petersen Automotive Museum, Blizzard, Dunkin’ Donuts, Square Enix, Proyectos Viales de Monterrey, Tomé Jewels, CEMEXConarte and FEMSA.

Illustration had become a latent skill since his student years. After keeping it as an amateurish level for a while, he has recently taken on a new air and expertise.

For that reason, he has now delved deeper into this beautiful discipline. Today, Jorge undertakes new approaches on Design, but especially on Digital illustration.

Take a look at Jorge’s illustrations & designs, and stay tuned for the upcoming pieces on his Online Store and social networks.

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