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Hand & Associates Branding


Hand & Associates, founded in 1991 by Kevin Hand, has grown into a global reach industry pioneer. The management consulting Firm focuses on performance and leadership for individual executives and organizations.

After two decades of its foundation, and looking to stay in the vanguard, they bet to make a branding revamp. My goal was to redesign the trademark, preserving the essence from the original coat of arms, while adding an attractive, stylish, timeless face. The type was also renewed into a bolder, customized slab font. Garnet Red and Gold also became the Firm's new primary colors.

The brand redesign resulted in a strengthened, renewed countenance that looks straight ahead into the future.

  • Date

    August 2, 2013

  • Skills

    Branding, Type Design

  • Client

    Hand & Associates

  • Tags

    Branding, Logo Design, Stationery Design, Visual Identity

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