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Heroes of the Dorm

Interactive Media

Heroes of the Dorm competition is an annual tournament hosted by Blizzard Entertainment and TeSPA, that feature colleges and universities across the United States. Prize pool includes scholarships and high-end gaming PCs.

Blizzard requested a website development in which users could follow the tournament. The website should be an important resource for players and viewers, but it was also an alternate way to participate in the tournament. Users would be able to register, create their own Fantasy Bracket and get a chance to win a prize.

For this project, the website became an attractive, useful, evocative (to the Heroes of the Storm videogame) tool for users and competitors who got more involved with the tournament in a very interactive site. It has been updated year after year based on the 2015 layout.

  • Date

    March 1, 2015

  • Skills

    Art Direction, Web Design

  • Client


  • Tags

    Art Direction, Web Design

  • Agency

    Dutch Monaco

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